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Dear EV community, Our firm Bulmineral ltd is looking for an investor and adviser, Company "BULMINERAL" Ltd is a company registered under the Commercial Law in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria (Eastern Europe). Main economic activity is the production and marketing of solid, liquid and burning gaseous fuels and their derivatives. With established subsidiaries in other countries in Europe and Asia, where there is actual production of the raw materials and also their transportation with own means by land and sea. The company is actively working to expand its business, concentrating on activities in the actual production of high technological level Electric vehicle goods. For this purpose is made a massive investment in the purchase, renovation and completion of the plant in the town of Breznik. The current overall investment that have been made amount to 4,545, 249.00 levs, of which 2,762,000.00 levs for construction and reconstruction, and the remaining 1,783 249.00 levs in administrative and technological equipment. As a result of continuous monitoring of the market place by the company Bulmineral and organized research a niche in the transport vehicles in the country and Eastern Europe and charging stations, with the organized marketing to Western European potential customers, the company plans the with the plant in the town of Breznik the production of vehicles with electric drive, EV kits and spares implemented in cooperation with in country and or foreign partners - including a Chinese leading company known worldwide for this type of production. The production plant is located in the town of Breznik, province Pernik in Republic of Bulgaria. It is located 55 km from Sofia, 299 km from Sofia is the sea port at Thessaloniki - 500km further to Athens. Sofia is 45 km from the main road E79. From Sofia easily access E79 to Belgrade. The region is connected with Central and Western Europe through Romania. Through the town Bresnik passes highway 63 to the Republic of Serbia at border crossing BCCP Strezimirovtsi. The Breznik plant is located on 29 decare area and consists of a seven floors office building, two production buildings, two buildings for catering, premises for security and parking. Administrative building which has a built area of 177 square meters allows for optimal placement of administrative - managerial staff, furnished and secured communication. Production facilities have dimensions: № 1 - 5982 square meters and № 2 - 4000 square meters, which allowing their use in a wide range of production activities. There are entrances and exits for large dimensional machines and ramps for loading and unloading services. There are three stationary mounted lifting cranes at 3.2 tons each, if necessary there is a plan for installation of an additional number of cranes. The dimensions of production facilities allow their internal realignment depending on the production needs. The first building is a separate workshop for metal, which is equipped with 32 modern machine tools. In the same industrial building is the design department, the premises will be equipped with the latest computer equipment. „Bulmineral“ Ltd is a company that is constantly striving to build a policy of wide social vision to expand and complement the active social package to their employees. The building for catering and dining that is 155 square meters, is located next to manufacturing workshop № 1, and is connected by a heated corridor, equipped with new and modern furniture, which will create a pleasant atmosphere and provide comfort of employees during dining. The second building for catering size is 427 square meters and is located next to the Administration Building, connected by a warm corridor. There is also a conference hall furnished with modern equipment. It is planned to have constructed a medical office, and additional space for warehouse, rest and dining. The security is the one of the priorities in the company policy for employees and for visitors in the factory. For that reason the entire area of the plant has permanent video surveillance and patrolling guards. There is a local telephone exchange for opportunities to use external lines, and Internet communications. The structure of the company and the capacity of the plant in the town of Breznik and the companies willingness to provide additional production sites, allows the development of large scale economic activity to serve Large customers. The company „Bulmineral“Ltd. is open for partnership and cooperation in the development of economic activities within the country and with foreign partners. All of the above is ready now and we look forwards to talking with you about investing in the Electric vehicle plant. Kind Regards Kevin Wilson

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