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add to favorites Pick up or van with hauling capacity 0.00 l/mile
No Picture
I'm looking for a pickup or possibly a van that can pull a trailer, about 1,000 lbs and have bed capacity of about 1700 lbs as well. Is this possible? Does someone have one?
add to favorites Jet Industries Electravan wanted
No Picture
Looking for a Jet industries Electravan; The converted Subaru Kei van from the early 80's. I keep finding former for sale ads, but not finding anything currently for sale. I am new to the electric vehicle world, and want something interesting. Somewhere along the internets I found a little travel report of a guy driving his electravan from NOLA to somewhere in Florida... I want to do that! it sounds like a huge adventure.
add to favorites Ford Ranger EV 1999-2001(2)
Hello. I'm a fan of the Ford Ranger type and found out recently that there exist a Ford-produced electric type from 1998-2001(2) and that a number of them still run today. Looking for one in decent condition (mechanically serviced if it has longer mileage), 2000-2001 would be the best, and even better if its updated to lithium/LFP or similar, but open for bargains. I have a US freight-company that deal/check/pay/talk to make it easy for you, and will pick it up, for shipping to Norway, the capital of the electric-car in Europe :) E-mail is probably the best way to contact me at: or reply to this ad. Most kindly, Tosh
add to favorites Need A Electric Truck/ mini van. 0.00 l/mile $ 0.00
No Picture
Looking for a electric smaller truck. An early Ranchero would be nice or perhaps a 1984-89 Dodge Dakota, Caravan or Plymouth Voyager mini van . Tell me what you have; I am very open minded
add to favorites Any plug in...cheep. car can be rotted away. 60.00 l/mile $ 0.00
No Picture
Looking to buy a full up EV. 60 mile range at 50 mph on flat roads. Max speed ~70 mph is fine. ANYTHING considered. UGLY ok. WRECKED OK, even if EV parts OK to scavenge for the "next" one. I will be using this EV for a HS auto shop program as learning vehicle. Location: central NJ. The more simple the system the better. I'm paying out of pocket, so budget is paramount. $3K is probably max. If no vehicle; I have a 5 spd. Yugo to convert....but need to buy all the parts used. Can't afford Lithium Ion...but wish I could. Can travel a bit to pick up...but closer to central NJ the better. MUST have clean title so it can be driven on roads. email: miclinmopar AT optonline DOT net with what you have.....
add to favorites Wanted to buy wrecked electrical cars etc..
No Picture
Looking to buy wrecked electrical cars late model preferred but willing to listen to what you have
add to favorites The Miami EV Project 0.00 l/mile $ 6,000.00
The Miami EV Project is a remarkable conversion don't to a 1994 Golf. The Turn The EV into a work of art by wrapping it in artist LEBO. The 144V 9.5in 100 hp motor will do 70mph and new batteries. The interior is custom and is in great shape, the hood and roof have some sunburn from the Miami sun. She is ready to drive and charge just needs batteries. call Jeff 904 422 3085 she is in St Augustine FL
add to favorites Project EV Truck
No Picture
Looking for a EV Pickup located in Washington state or really close. May consider a NEV pickup or van. what's out there? Jeff @ 509-429-8109
add to favorites Reasonably priced EV
No Picture
I am 73-years and on Social Security. Last month I paid ~$100. for gas to run my car and decided to try an electric. Prices are high (apparently that is justified by the expense). Does anyone out there know of something I could get into at around $1000 to $2000? I don’t know a lot about them, but I am willing to learn. Thanks for taking the time to read this and especially thanks for any feedback you might send to:
add to favorites 1975 electric car
No Picture
in good shape needs batteries. please call david at 616 788-9633. best offer acepted.
add to favorites EV passenger van
Greetings!! The Solar Buzz ( needs a sidekick. We'd prefer a 100% electric passenger van for 10 or less with the capacity to travel at 50 mph for at least 1 hr between charges. The motor(s) must be DC. The Solar Buzz is a 100% solar mass transit shuttle bus that limits its speed to 25 mph. The Solar Buzz collects riders from the neighborhoods and brings them to the arterials. The Sidekick will provide clean quiet service along 9 miles of state roads and federal business loops requiring higher speeds. That being said, we'll take a partly-finished conversion project at the right stage and price.
add to favorites Looking For A Wheego Life
Hello, Looking for a Wheego life for sale. I would love to buy one new, but they are just too much for me to afford right now. Im looking to buy one used, for around 15,000 ish. Please let me know what you have, or point me in the direction of someone who may have one. Thanks, Ron
add to favorites Electric pickup truck wanted
No Picture
Looking to buy a converted small pickup. Ideal would be a chevy s10 extended cab.
add to favorites Sterling/Nova kit car
Linked to sterling in evalbum in case you don't know what a sterling is. Found out looking through the evtradingpost one day my wife really loves sterlings unfortunately the one listed had already sold. So I'm reaching out on the very small possibility that someone out there has an EV Sterling/Nova that has been converted that they are looking to considering selling and just haven't gotten around to it or a conversion in progress or to be that is sitting waiting to be completed. I've flown across the country to look at a couple VW Gas powered ones and there is one now for sale sort of locally. Before I pick one of those up which seem to be in good gasoline working order I wanted to give this a shot just in case.

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