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Home » For Sale: Electric Vehicles » Electric Cars for Sale » 1992 Saturn SC Conversion
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Category Electric Cars for Sale
Created 2017-12-03
Owner ricksuiter
Title 1992 Saturn SC Conversion
Condition Good
Odometer Miles 150,000Miles
Web Page  
Price $ 5,000.00
Description For Sale is my 1992 Saturn SC conversion. It does run as it sits, but I will be brutally honest in that it would require a lot of work to get it to a daily driver status. I've gotten too busy with a career and just do not have the time to invest into this project any longer. I have owned this car since around 2002 when I started converting it. The good: 1)The body was painted about five years ago with PPG base coat clear coat paint in a much later Saturn Color called "Fine Sublime Green". This color was used on the Saturn Vue and Ion Redline series cars. It has 80 parts pearl in the base coat where typical pearl colors have 20-30 parts. It shows really well. The lower part of the car is painted in a color called Silver Nickel, also a later Saturn color. The car was originally red with a silver lower color. All body panels were removed during the re-paint (except the roof which was glued on) and all Saturn frames are painted black so you will find no evidence of the re-paint. This car was an Arizona and Las Vegas car so there is no rust on it whatsoever. 2) 9" Advanced DC motor with long tail shaft works great. This has been a very dependable motor and is mated to the stock 5 speed transmission. The clutch was replaced at the time of conversion, but it simply can't hold back all the torque the motor can produce. 3) Otmar built Zilla 1K HV model. This will handle up to 300V. Presently it is set to deliver 170V maximum to the motor so the car has an honest 170kw power capability, which again is more than the drive train can realistically handle considering the car had about a 90hp engine in 1992. This could produce up to 300kw. It did fail on me once where the car completely died and wouldn't re-start. This was due to a DC/DC converter in the Zilla itself that powers some of the logic. This was a small, but known failure on these and the Zilla was repaired with an updated DC/DC design so that part should be reliable. While I had it sent out I also sent out the Hairball and had it converted to a HEPI version so I could use the hall effect pedal and installed a Toyota hall effect pedal in the car. This was a huge improvement over a throttle potentiometer. I've had the car up to 100mph seeing what it could do. 4) Battery pack consists of 80x GBS LFMP 100Ah cells (LiFeMnPO4). They are date coded 2011, but I believe the pack has around 50 to 60Ah left in it. I did test a few cells last year at 60Ah. There are four weak cells in the pack and the car comes with four replacement cells. Full disclosure, I work at Elite Power Solutions which is the North American distributor for these batteries and this pack was an engineering set of cells that was used in a less than forgiving situation initially, but I believe it's still a very usable pack. This is a rather efficient car actually and I have been able to achieve sub 200 Wh/Mi energy economy figures based on the Link 10 meter's readings. The BMS that is presently installed does not fully function and would need to be replaced. 5) Has a Manzanita Micro PFC30 batter charger and can charge at about 5.5kw for fast recharges on 240V or at reduced power on 120V.. The control board had an issue on this charger a number of years ago and was repaired by Manzanita Micro at the time. It's fully functional. 6) Other components - Iota 55A power supply as a DC/DC converter. Has a 1000A shunt which was originally connected to a Link 10 meter mounted on the A-pillar. It is presently disconnected so the shunt could be used with the BMS. Small liquid cooling system for the Zilla, has a small leak I never could locate. The pump is from some automotive turbo cooling application and is overkill for the application. Kenwood stereo and speakers. The not so good: - The interior is all original and looks like the interior of a 25 year old car. It is serviceable, but would need reupholstered to be in good condition. There isn't any terrible odor however. The stupid automatic seat belts by some miracle do indeed still work as do the pop up headlights however! The car has light weight alloy Kosei K1-TS 15" wheels, the tires have good tread, but they are approaching six years of age and are starting to weather crack. The tires need to be replaced to be safe. No functioning HVAC. I simply never got around to making the AC or heat work. The components are there under the dash, but the under hood components have been lost over time. No power steering or power brakes. I just strong arm and strong foot the car and it's been fine, even when it was a lead acid car. The calipers were rebuilt and brake hoses replaced during the conversion process in order to minimize drag. I could never get the motor mounts and front suspension quite right on this car. You can't take a speed bump very fast in this car as it causes the whole drive train to jerk around a bit. The front suspension is basically stock. The rear springs were custom built with higher rate springs from Coil Spring Specialties and with the lead to lithium conversion the car does sit a bit high in the back as it sits. The ride is overall good through. Lastly, as a full disclosure, it has a gremlin I just cannot get out of the car no matter what I've done. From day one the Zilla would throw an occasional contactor resistance high error and shut down the car. I originally had used a used old Albright contactor so I suspected it was at fault, but after changing to a Tyco EV200 contactor the problem still persists. It's completely random too. Most of the time cycling the key off and back on will clear the problem. Conclusion: Again, this car does run and drive. It's even currently registered and insured. I have a clean Arizona title for the car along with a folder of receipts from the build. I suspect this would be best suited to be a parts car for someone doing a conversion, but I just can't bring myself to dismantle it myself. Asking $5,000 OBO. Rick (602)309-1966 or ricksuiter "at" I'll get some updated pictures soon, the ones here are from when it was originally converted with lead acid batteries.
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LocationTempe, Arizona -- United States

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